Distinguished Alumni Award Criteria

Administered by the Le Moyne College Alumni Association Board, the Distinguished Alumni Award is presented annually during Reunion Weekend.  A committee of alumni, faculty and administrators selects the recipients(s).

Although the committee begins its deliberations in November, it welcomes nominations throughout the year.  Past nominees remain in consideration from year to year.

Each nominee is assigned to a member of the committee for follow-up research.  All recommendations are held in strict confidence.  The criteria for selection of candidates includes the following:

  • The recipient is expected to demonstrate a high degree of accomplishment in his or her vocation.  The Awards Committee should know of an objective measure by which the nominee may be judged under this criterion, such as rapid advancement, award, etc.

  • The individual, in addition to professional accomplishment, demonstrates a concern for his or her fellow people.  One objective measure of such concern is involvement in voluntary community projects.  Political, activity, philanthropic efforts, service on community boards, etc., as other measures.

  • As a college in the Jesuit tradition, with studies in liberal arts, science and business, Le Moyne espouses a particular philosophy rooted in the Judeo-Christian traditions.  Its vision for its graduates is one in which they can deal with the world around them on a variety of different levels.  A broad expanse of interests, expertise in a particular area, and artistic or creative activities are part of this philosophy.