Ignatian Awards Criteria

Administered by the Le Moyne College Alumni Association Board, the Ignatian Awards are presented annually during Reunion Weekend. These awards are given to bring greater recognition to Le Moyne individuals and their accomplishments and have different criteria than other awards currently given at Le Moyne. The nominations for these awards will be solicited through Le Moyne's publications, Alumni Area Chapters, faculty, administrators and students. A committee of alumni, faculty, and administrators participate in the selection process. 

Although the committee begins its deliberations in November, it welcomes nominations throughout the year.  No one person should receive more than one St. Ignatius award during the year.  Past nominees remain in consideration from year to year.
Each nominee is assigned to a member of the committee for follow-up research.  All recommendations are held in strict confidence.

The categories and descriptions are as follows:

  • The "Service to Le Moyne Award" is for volunteerism and/or financial support to the college. 
  • The "Community Service Award” is presented to an individual exhibiting the teachings of the Jesuit philosophy through volunteerism. 
  • The "Professional Achievement Award” is based on outstanding accomplishment in one's field. 
  • The "Young Alumni Achievement Award” is given in the spirit of Father Robert F. Grewen to an alumna/alumnus of the last 10 graduation classes whose service to Le Moyne is in the same spirit as that of this dynamic and dedicated past Le Moyne President. 
  • The "Honorary Alumni Achievement Award” is given in the spirit of Bishop Walter A. Foery to a non-graduate of Le Moyne who has made a special contribution to the College, in the spirit of the non-Jesuit Bishop who helped establish Le Moyne. 


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