Heritage and Commitment

Alumni Association

As a Le Moyne alumnus/a, you are automatically enrolled in the Le Moyne College Alumni Association. Representing more than 26,000 undergraduate and 3,000 graduate alumni, the Association offers a wide variety of programs and events to connect you to your fellow Dolphins and to the College. Annual offerings include Homecoming Weekend, Reunion Weekend, Cultural Extravaganza Weekend, and athletic and social events. Click here for the online events calendar. 

Alumni Association Board

Representing the College's alumni, the Le Moyne Moyne College Alumni Association Board oversees the operation of the Alumni Association, and assists the College with creating a vibrant and engaged alumni community with strong bonds to the College and each other. 

The Alumni Board meets on campus twice each year, in the fall and spring, to advise on matters relating to the Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement, Le Moyne alumni and the College at large. The board consists of 53 members who have demonstrated their commitment and support of the College through event attendance, volunteerism, philanthropic contributions, and sincere interest in helping the College achieve its objectives.  Only alumni of the College can be nominated to serve on the Board. Nominees will be reviewed by the Board's Membership Committee, and eligible candidates will be asked to submit a resume. Nominations may be submitted year-round. New board members are elected during the spring meeting, and begin serving the following fall. Board members are expected to serve four-year terms, renewable for four additional years. 

If you or someone you know is interested in serving on the Alumni Association Board, please submit an online nomination form.

Mission Statement

The Le Moyne College Alumni Association is dedicated to:

  • Strengthening the bonds of loyalty and friendship among alumni and the College;
  • Cultivating and sustaining alumni interest in and understanding of the College's objectives, programs and activities;
  • Providing for and encouraging support from alumni for the College at large
Alumni Association's Board of Directors

President: Larry Egan '71
President Elect: John Cook '95
Vice Presidents: Barbara McHugh Marino '01  
Secretary:  Marty Bischoff ‘91 

Deborah Acio ‘07
Meghan Alberts ’12, MBA ‘13
Angela Simione Albino ’01, PA ‘06
Chelsea Betterton ‘10
Davine Bey ‘90
James Brannan ‘65
Jane Breschard-Wilson ‘63
Jim Burke ‘60
Helene Butler ‘94
Mike Cominolli ‘07
John Cook ‘95
Tracey Kuryla Damon ’96, MBA ‘99
Eric Denk ‘90
Jerry Docteur ‘63
Joe Feeney ‘80
Kathy Murphy Feeney ‘80
Ben Ferro ‘93
Carole Flanagan ‘78
Toby Frederick ‘92
Katie Murak Gillette ‘06
Tim Hammond ‘09
Katie Elmer Hellings ‘98
Mike Keegan ‘95
Mary Kelleher-Crabtree ‘84
Andy Liebhauser ‘96
Giovanni Lucas ‘95
Susan McSweeney ‘71
Mike Milito ‘77
Debbie Schoeneck Monaco ‘76
Nancy Murray ‘56
Frank O’Connor ‘63
Brenda Passardi ‘85
Johonna Brewer Pelletier ‘94
Dan Phillips ‘87
Allison Porcella '99
Kerry Read ‘03
Audrey Rich ‘54
Joe Rich ‘00
Dan Rosenbaum ‘10
Dick Senecal ‘53
Don Senecal ‘57
Geoffrey Torrance ‘02

Board Committees
Any alumnus/na of Le Moyne College may serve on a Alumni Association Board Committee. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the Committee Chair to participate in meetings and initiatives. Read below for details on the function of each group.

Communications & Marketing Committee.
The purpose of the committee is to foster the development of communications between and among members of the Association, the Board and the College and to enhance the public perception of the College and participation in the activities of the College.

Alumni Awards Committee.
The purpose of the committee is to select the annual recipient(s) of the Distinguished Alumni Award(s) and the Ignatian Award(s).
Membership and Governance Committee.
The purpose of the committee is to propose to the Executive Committee, and ultimately to the Board, recommendations for Board membership, renewals, and elected positions; at least annually, to review membership to ensure conformity with Article IV, Section 2, by each Board Member; and to review any proposed changes to this Constitution.
Alumni Programs and Networking Committee.
The purpose of the Alumni committee is to design, organize, coordinate and regularly review alumni programs and networking activities which fulfill the purposes of the Association as cited in this Constitution.  The scope of this committee shall include but is not limited to assisting with existing programs such as the Alumni Admissions Volunteers, Career Services Volunteers, Alumni Area Receptions and Alumni Reunion Weekend.  

Alumni Admissions Committee.
The purpose of the committee is to assist the Admissions Office in the recruitment of students.
Young Alumni Committee.
The purpose of the Young Alumni Committee is to design, organize, coordinate, and regularly review alumni programs, activities and communications for those graduates of the College from the past 10 years.
Reunion Committee.
The purpose of the Reunion Committee is to assist in coordinating the class reunion every five years for the respective year of the Board member.